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Pamela Joy Trow

Story Writer, Illustrator, and Creative Director

Pamela has been a life-long artist. Her award-winning career in design, illustration, and creative direction has served businesses, organizations, and non-profits in her communities. With a passion for helping brand non-profits, Pamela worked on community issues such as early childhood wellness, child abuse prevention, reducing drug and alcohol abuse, and seniors issues.

Working in visual communications has sensitized her to the power of the message and story, which fuels her art to this day. There's a Crystal Clear Pond was written early in her career and is still relevant today. The hope with this coloring book and SEM images game is to encourage children and youth to be the source of positive impact on climate change and environmental issues. Pamela creates products from her art. Her greeting cards, art prints, stickers, and gift products are sold in retail stores and museum shops across the country, the UK, and Ireland.

Visit her online shop at


Jeremiah D. Tipton, Ph.D.

Content Director

Jeremiah is a writer, artist, and inventor with numerous contributions to biomedical research. Working passionately for 15+ years in research and workflow development, he has multiple patents and over 20+ peer-reviewedco-publications. Jeremiah's accomplishments include running educational workshops and training graduate students to do hands-on experiments in biomedical research. Jeremiah now turns his energy to art and writing for education, always working to educate and encourage the next generation of leaders in the world.

Jeremiah owns a brand management company that works on different aspects of business and market development, coaching, and management. He published The N-of-1 Challenge: A Real-Life Guide to Optimizing Individual Health, a book designed for education on nutrition, core strength, and mental health.

Visit his websites at: and


Clare Dennison, Ph.D.

Scanning Electron Microscopy Director

Clare has been working with electron microscopes for over 18 years. Her passion for imaging led to her completing her Ph.D. using novel electron microscopes at the University of York, England, in 2014. Her research and skills
have facilitated the publication of research in high-impact scientific journals and research presentations in Europe and USA.

With a passion for enabling the visualization of scientific research and the world around her, Clare currently manages the USF Electron Microscopy Core
Facility, working with USF chemistry, biology, and physics research groups, local community colleges, and start-up businesses across Florida and beyond.

Visit Clare’s website at:

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